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James Dimmare


Stars of Magic Theater & Las Vegas Magic Theater (702) 501-9973

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masters of magic show

The newest hottest show in Vegas! The "Masters of Magic" show will blow your mind! You will never see Magic like this so up close and personal. Located right on Las Vegas Blvd. We bring in different world-renowned magicians; from around the world to perform for you. Currently, we have LOSANDER, David Copperfield says “he’s the “Master of the Art of Levitation “or DIMMARE, 2 time Siegfried and Roy Lion Head Award Winner. Everyone is treated like a VIP. It’s not a childish themed show however, it’s appropriate for all ages. Enter a world of enchantment and wonder. This is a family-friendly Show. We are an Intimate lush European-style cabaret, this is a setting with a very limited audience, a very sought-after experience,

We are providing a unique magic Show that is a very memorable one. This is more than a show it’s an experience! For an extra fee, we can have birthday cakes and singing, special custom messages that appear in illusions for someone special, and many other things, just call and ask. We include free popcorn and a beverage for everyone per person based on theater prices. We also have free parking.

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Experience the life of a Witch or warlock through magic, starting years ago to present day, witness mysterious Magic up close with audience interaction. This is a magic show with a unique intimate welcoming atmosphere , we are a mysterious show. We have a limited audience in a small chic European styled theater. This show is for people looking for a unique memorable experience. meet the stars of the show and ask them questions! Kids are welcome but this isn’t a kids show however kids may enjoy it. Watch a world renowned magician currently featuring. ( Losander) and Dimmare you don’t want to miss this!

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Enjoy watching world a world renowned magician perform magic by candlelight in a European Style theater . On your candlelit table, where you'll find a rose pedals decorated on the table and candlelight. This is a intimate European style theater, seating only 40 or less people to insure a one of a kind experience , it’s completely decorated by candlelight to provide a totally unique and magical experience. The show will include audience participation, as well as non alcoholic beverages and popcorn. This is truly an unforgettable and one of a kind experience you don't want to miss! We currently have 3 magicians on rotation you will see one of these world renowned magicians Losander, or Dimmare.

experience magic up close show at las vegas magic theatre

Experience Magic up close the way it was intended!!! We are the only Magic Show, where everyone is included , we are a European style cabaret All people get V.I.P treatment. We have limited audience. We give a unique magic experience in a intimate setting . This is a family friendly show comes with popcorn and non alcoholic beverages.

masters of magic show

You will get a show in a intimate European style cabaret theater with full V.I.P services your show concierge will contact you ahead to insure everything goes smooth starting from the day you book your show. You can add on things like special messages to pop up in a illusion, to flowers and decorations, cake for birthdays with singing or special requests. We also (if available) we can provide limo pick up for a small fee.

Las Vegas Magic Theater

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